Monday, November 7, 2016

June in Review, Part 2

I'm hoping to get this year reviewed before it's over!

So, although the best part of June was my birthday, there were other happenings in that month.


My sister surprised me with one of my favorite paintings of hers as a gift for my birthday.  I love it so much - the colors, the textures, the words.  It's going to look perfect hanging on my craft room wall!

I bought another print for my library.  I'd been eyeing this one for a while on Etsy and finally decided it needed to be in my collection.


I bought a 1943 hardcover edition of my all-time favorite book (with my favorite book jacket).  It is absolutely beautiful and in amazing shape inside and out for being over 70 years old.

Where the Heart Is is one of my favorite movies and I thought I should read the book on which it was based.  I was a bit hesitant - I hate seeing differences between the two mediums - but ended up pleasantly surprised.  The movie followed the book quite closely and the differences weren't anything substantial enough to make me dislike the changes.  The book was just as great as the movie.


My co-workers and I taste-tested the latest Oreo flavor.  Let me tell you, this one is in my top five favorites.  It tastes exactly like Fruity Pebbles cereal.  So delicious!

My mom gave me a jar of her amazing strawberry rhubarb jelly.  Lucky for me, Mitch doesn't like rhubarb so I didn't even have to share.  My favorite way to enjoy the jelly is on waffles.


I fell in love with this beauty while out thrifting - I stood like a crazy person just staring at it for a minute or two while admiring all the details  - but I honestly couldn't think of anywhere to put it (it was quite large at probably close to five feet tall) so I had to leave it behind.  Thank goodness for photos!

I found a fabulous little hobnail milk glass lamp on a different thrifting trip and that came home with me  (there were actually two lamps and I do regret not buying the second one but at least I got one!).  It's perfect in my craft room!


Our apple tree decided to join the pear trees and started producing fruit.  It's so much fun watching our trees work their magic.

And the lilac tree in our front yard did not disappoint this year with it's beautiful, fragrant blossoms.

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