Wednesday, August 3, 2016

May in Review

One of the goals on my 101 in 1001 list is to blog 101 days in a row.  I made this goal to motivate me to get caught up on posts I've been meaning to write (some for years!) and I figured now would be a great time to start this challenge since I've gone over two months since my last post.  So, without further ado, here is the first day of (hopefully!) 101 days of memory and thought sharing.

May in review:

1.  I got my eyes checked for the first time in nine years.  My prescription didn't change but now I actually have one that will allow me to order new glasses.  Hopefully my prescription doesn't expire before I get around to doing that!  I'm not known for getting things done quickly - obviously.

2.  I forced Crickett to sit with me and then forced Mitch to take a photo of us together for Mother's Day.  I could practically see the love oozing out of them that morning!

3.  Our little girl had 23 bad teeth pulled.  I felt so bad for her - I mean, can you imagine getting knocked out and then waking up woozy and missing almost all of your teeth?  I imagine it would be a bit scary.  But of course our little girl was a champ through it all.  You could tell she felt crappy that evening but her tail still wagged and the next day she was back to excitedly bouncing around in circles for marshmallow treats.  It only took a couple of days for her to start eating hard food and she hasn't had any issues since.  We are very lucky to have this happy little trooper in our lives.

4.  Like one of my April thrifting trips, I found a true gem again in May that I couldn't justify buying.  I mean, how fabulous is this table?  I fell in love instantly!  As I stood staring at the wonderful style, visions of a bright, cheerful paint makeover entered my head.  Unfortunately, reason quickly shoved those thoughts aside and made me accept the fact that I had no where to put this piece.  I begrudgingly walked away.  I have no doubt it found a great home.

5.  Facebook reminded me that two years ago I was enjoying Confetti Cake Blizzards (sometimes in delicious waffle cones!).  I miss this Blizzard flavor so very much; it quickly became my favorite and nothing has compared to it since.  I hope they bring it back some day.

6.  Both our pear trees started growing a ridiculous amount of fruit in May.  I think this year was the earliest they've ever started growing and it's definitely been the year they've produced the most fruit.  Despite some crazy storms and windy days this summer, we still seem to have a good deal of nice fruit left hanging.  Will be awesome to get to eat whatever makes it!

7.  After a poll at work (everyone there knows my love of gnomes runs deep and I informed them that the summer is when gnomes come out to visit), it was decided that my official gnome decorating season would begin Memorial Day weekend and end Labor Day weekend.  So, for the last two months our house has been filled with all sorts of these cute little guys (and even one girl!).  Gnome season is a very adorable season!  And because it makes me chuckle: After posting this photo on Facebook with the caption "Gnome season has begun,"  my father-in-law commented with "I think you need to exchange the one on the right.  It doesn't match the others."

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