Wednesday, February 10, 2016

January Recap

Between starting the Harry Potter series again (I haven't read the books since they first came out!) and convincing Mitch to watch "The Middle" reruns with me every evening (I think he now enjoys the show as much as I do!), I haven't made much time to blog.  So, like usual, I'm behind with posting and, like usual, I'm doing a recap to catch up.

1.  I bought myself a little planner for 2016 - I think it's the first time I've had one since I was in high school - and I'm having fun with it.  I know my phone has a calendar and there are plenty of apps I could use instead but for some reason I need to have the physical object, the "hard copy," in front of me to remember to stay organized.  I obviously can't be the only one since there are still so many planner options out there!

2.  Some girlfriends and I celebrated our "Girls Christmas" at the beginning of the month.  I was introduced to a new dice game called "Tenzi" which I HIGHLY recommend.  So much fun!

And one of my artsy-fartsy girlfriends gave personalized paintings on old cabinet doors (she has access to old cabinet doors at the interior design store where she works - yay for giving old things a new life instead of letting them end up in a landfill!)  Isn't my painting absolutely perfect?  Crickett and a book!  It's going to look so wonderful hanging up in my library.

3.  I had to take a CPR and first-aid training class for work.  You know, for all those times accountants need to perform life-saving procedures.  I kid - I know crazy things can happen anywhere at anytime.  While it was a long day out of the office, the information was interesting and the instructor was hilarious.  Plus, I now have a certificate saying I can save your life.  Just kidding, I'd recommend finding someone else to help you out in an emergency!

4.  Mitch hung up my "Librarian Crickett" canvas in the entry of my library.  I love her face; it looks as if she's shushing anyone who enters!

5.  Mitch and I bought a new mattress.  Our old mattress was about ten years old, had a big hump in the middle, and was making painful creaking noises when I would get into bed (not a great self-esteem booster!).  We decided to break out the big guns and splurged on a memory foam Tempur-Pedic mattress.  It's pretty darn wonderful.  We also got new pillows - super fancy, expensive pillows (never in my life did I think I'd own a pillow that cost more than five dollars).  Those are also pretty darn wonderful.  So, sleeping is a much more enjoyable activity now . . . except when your husband decides to dust the headboard when you're in bed for the night.

6.  Mitch got to celebrate his birthday a day early on the last day of January.  We went out for dinner, ate some homemade cake (for the record, I did not do that frosting job even though it looks like something I'd do), and apparently Mitch was good enough to get presents.  His gnome collection has been started - and not even by me!  Isn't he adorable?!  (The gnome, not Mitch).

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