Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Halloween Decorations 2013

Here are the 2013 additions to my Halloween decorations.  I'm very excited about them; I'm also quite excited about forgetting I bought them until I open up my orange and black tubs next season!

The book stack and little black cat are from Hobby Lobby (Bought the book stack at only 40% off because I didn't want to miss out on having it - one of the few things I've ever bought from Hobby Lobby at less than 50% off!  Kind of strange paying "so much" for a decoration there.); the Happy Halloween town and fake black candle from Kohl's (Free!!!  We used our $10 Kohl's cash and our total came to $9.65!!!); the skull from Target (can you believe I didn't have a skull of any sorts in my collection?!); the gravestone markers from a local thrift shop (So stoked when I found those - I don't think I've ever looked at thrift stores for decorations before.  You can believe I'll be doing it again in the future!).

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