Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking Back, Looking Ahead


I have been hesitant to write a 2011 year in review post because 2011 was not really a great year; I'm extremely happy to see the year go and have not felt like reflecting much on it.  However, not everything was bad.  There were bright spots and I'm going to focus on those and carry them with me into this new year.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to make more memories with my amazing family (including my beautiful fur baby!).  I got to spend time with old friends and make wonderful new ones.  I finished another year of college, got to travel, and join a sport that I love dearly.  For all of these things, I am truly thankful.

On to blogging endeavors.  For one, I was not a good follower or commenter and I apologize for this.  I look forward to catching up on your lives and showing you all some blog love!  As for writing posts - well, I failed MISERABLY this year.  The results:

It's a Numbers Game - 2011 Edition
January - 14/14
February - 10/11
March - 16/18
April - 19/18
May - 14/17
June - 10/19
July - 15/23
August - 8/20
September - 17/30
October - 13/21
November - 8/16
December - 7/17
TOTAL - 151/224

I was down 73 posts from what my goal was!  Can you believe that?  That's a 67.4% success rate - YIKES!  And it's not really about the numbers (although they are quite fun), but the fact that I had so much to blog about and I didn't do so.  Things must change this year.


So, looking ahead to 2012.

I didn't make any New Year's resolutions because I have already have a list of goals I want to accomplish with my 101 in 1001 challenge.  I look forward to tackling as many of those as I possibly can and sharing my progress here.

I'm again attempting my blogging challenge, so here is how the numbers stack up for 2012:

It's a Numbers Game - 2012 Edition
January - 15
February - 11
March - 18
April - 20
May - 17
June - 19
July - 23
August - 20
September - 30
October - 21
November - 16
December - 17
TOTAL - 227

In addition to these numbers, my other blogging goal is to post about those memorable things that I did not write about in 2011.  I want to finish writing about my Florida and Utah trips with Mitch, lots of roller derby talk, as well as a few other fun things.  Looking forward to 2012!

Happy New Year!

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Caity said...

You still blogged quite a bit even though you didn't meet your goal. At least you met your goal a couple months! Good luck this year! I hope you reach your goal!