Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A First for Crickett

Yesterday I got the following email from Mitch:

"Crickett and I went for a long walk, about a half hour. We came home and I came on the computer and I was holding her in my arms. As I was petting her, I heard what sounded like a fart come from the general direction of her butt. I asked her if it was a fart and she just looked at me. A couple seconds later, I could smell it. Our little girl's first fart and man was it stinky."

Another milestone I missed.

They grow up so fast.


teacherwoman said...

That is too funny! She is too cute!

Kerri said...

I'm falling out of my chair laughing on that one !!

What an absolutely adorable picture!! She is soooooo cute!!

amber said...

Oh for funny!!!

MissKarenAshley said...

Adorable! I have a blenheim cavalier and she is a doll. Great dogs

Mollie said...

freaking adorable!! ahhh!!

hilltopper said...

dont you know little girl dogs dont fart, they fluff.