Thursday, September 4, 2008

Skirt Enthusiast

I am a skirt enthusiast. No doubt about it, this girl is a skirt girl.

During the summer I wear nothing but skirts unless my husband and I are planning on going somewhere (we're going "green" so going anywhere requires biking). I find skirts extremely comfortable and oh so much cuter than shorts. At work I try to wear skirts as long as I possibly can because I don't have many dress pants (Does anyone else have an incredibly hard time finding pants that fit normally? You're only allowed to answer no here. If you tell me you don't have a hard time, I don't want you coming around this blog anymore. Just kidding!) and since the majority of the year is spent wearing pants, I want some variety while I can! No need to get bored with clothes after the first month of school.

Today as I was about to start teaching, one of my students asked how many skirts I have. I have worn a skirt all but one day this school year so I could understand how she might be curious. I honestly couldn't give her a number so I responded with "Enough to make my husband say I have a ridiculous amount." Curious about a number, I got all my skirts out this evening and counted.

In my defense, I've bought almost all of them on clearance at $3 or so. Plus, I've received skirts as gifts. Therefore, I have others feeding my addiction which makes them part of the problem, too.


Amber said...

I hate pants shopping. I'm starting to think that my body is ridiculously shaped (according to pants manufactors anyway) If they are long enough, they don't fit around me legs, if they fit around my legs, they aren't long enough.

I just want to mention here that I don't by any means have chubby legs. Seriously.

Once in great while, I will find a pair of pants that fits well. I usually find this pair of pants after trying on a dozen pair of other pants.

Yes, I hate every minute of it.

hilltopper said...

im not exaggerating when i say it tried on between 25-30 pairs of jeans the last time i went jeans shopping, i will spare you the horrifying details. but i did find pants, and i bought 4 pairs of the same pants, different shades.

but im not a skirt girl, i just feel too girly (only one other chic in my workplace, all the rest guys)

Mollie said...

love this post!! i wish i could find cute skirts like you!! i got into a skirt/dress phase after our roadtrip, which isn't that pretty when you only have 2 skirt/dresses!!

teacherwoman said...

I guess I don't have the same love of skirts, but they can be quite comfy. However, I do have a hard time finding pants that fit right, and are suitable for teaching. And when I do find good pants, they cost an arm and a leg, AND I usually have to hem them prior to wearing.

Kerri said...

Playing catch up with my blogging Mrs. Math....sorry I haven't been around lately.

WOW! That's a WHOLE LOT of skirts! Yikes! I'm definitely a pants person! But I normally get them altered as I am SHORT!

Goldfish said...

I totally know what you mean. I ahve about that many skirts too (also a lot clearance :). I also feel so much more feminine and lady-like in them. :) In fact, I'm wearing one right now!